Keepers of Kalachakra

Do you believe in time? Do you believe in reincarnation? Are rishis/yogis simply religious people? Do you like science fiction? Do you like thriller? Then go for Aswin Sanghi’s keepers of Kalachakra…

Some influential people are being killed. No signs of murder. No toxicity in body. No breaching of security. Then how? The book unfolds this mystery with scientific explanation. Vijay, a physics research scholar is recruited to Milesian labs for further research and story entwines between different countries, different defence agencies and beliefs to find the culprit. Throughout the book, your mind battles between the mythological beliefs and your logical mind. Quantum duality and spacetime and multi dimensions though confuses the readers, it’s a worth read.

Once my professor asked my friend, “Do you believe in God? You wear these spiritual beads and chandanam on forehead?” As we weren’t expecting these, we meekly nodded at him. “You are a science student. You believe in these stupid things. You should seek answers in a scientific way, not by believing in these craps.” He barked at us. He then went about half an hour lecturing to be scientifically aware and seek answers for questions. Since then, I’m confused myself. I believe in God, because I’m grown up listening to magical powers of God and I’m flattered. But I was never taught to disrespect any other religion or no one instilled that God is ‘everything’ in my mind. So I balanced myself to be a believer and a Science enthusiast.

‘We refer to quantum physics as science and Vedanta as philosophy, but they are one and the same. From Aristotle all the way to the nineteenth century, the term “natural philosophy” was used instead of science. There was a reason for it. A good scientist has to be a philosopher and a good philosopher must also be a scientist.’

Vijay in Keepers of Kalachakra

I think I’m trying to be balanced or turning to be a philosopher. I don’t know!

This book made me rethink about my ideologies. Ramayana was a story or a tale for me. Though, Ayodhya and Sri Lanka are well known places, I considered it to be named after places in Ramayana. Not the other way around that, these are the places where this events happened or the real story woven. Keepers of Kalachakra makes it appear that Ramayana is truth and the characters had lived there once.

What we call reality is the combination of observer and observed. We seem to create our reality and that is precisely what Vedanta wants us to understand.’

Is this moment real? Is this a fiction of my imaginary world? May be the real me is sleeping and I’m loving in the piece of fiction created by me. Urgh….I’m confused!!

I have no evidence, but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

This is the best line I had found in this book. As a mathematics lover, this words seemed to be so apt. So real. I have no evidence yo prove epics is just a story and also I have no evidence that epic is real and true lore with some drama.

‘Mythology is a set of lies that people rarely believe,’ Brahmananda said and paused. ‘And history?’ ‘A set of lies that people have agreed to believe.’

I had always believed mythology and history is just two distinct branches with no common link. But these words are as true as the sun. I believe in history, because it lay evidences before you. But I believe mythology, because my grandma told those to me. It’s as simple as that!

When all in the world understand beauty to be beautiful, then ugliness exists; when all understand goodness to be good, then evil exists.

These words of Lao Tzu is mentioned in the book. Only when you realise or distinguish the useful from a set, then only uselessness exist. But, who taught you to identify usefulness. If flowering plant is the so called ‘useful’, does that mean grass is ‘useless’. Never! It’s your perspective that matter.

‘Do you know that there are twenty-four letters in the Gayatri Mantra and 24,000 shlokas in Valmiki’s Ramayana? The first letter of every thousandth shloka from Valmiki’s Ramayana, when put together, miraculously results in the Gayatri Mantra. Mathematics yet again. It’s all around you!’

Is this for real? I don’t know, but found fascinating!!

Though, I found a Dan Brown touch to the starting chapters. The plot drags you back to reading. Entwining beliefs and science, though a tedious work was well portrayed in the book.

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